10’ Standard cabin 2,4x3m

Standard cabins are the most popular rental product at construction sites because standard cabins can be used to build temporary office spaces, meeting rooms, worker’s dressing rooms, dining rooms, storage rooms, etc. – install one or build several portable cabins together or stack them, since many possibilities exist.

Locations of windows and doors of standard cabins can be changed. New doors and windows can also be added.

If you are looking for a special solution, contact us and we will work together with you to find the most suitable solution.

TECHNICAL DATA Exterior dimensions

Interior dimensions

Length 2989mm
Width 2435mm
Height 2591mm
Exterior paint RAL 9002 (Grey White)
Interior finish Wood imitation
Windows/doors 1 window / 1 door

External connection 400 V / 32 A / 5-pin
2 kW electric heater
2 electrical connectors
1 ceiling lamp

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