Double WC portable cabin

This heated portable toilet is designed for connecting with sewerage and water networks, which saves on the constant emptying of the holding tank. A portable toilet that is insulated is more comfortable to use all year-round than a plastic toilet.
Perfectly suited:

  • for long-term building sites where there is water, sewerage, electricity
  • for quickly and easily installing toilets in warehouses and on territories.
  • to increase toilet space seasonally

TECHNICAL DATA Exterior dimensions

Interior dimensions

Length 2400mm
Width 1400mm
Height 2540mm

Exterior paint    

RAL 9002 (Grey White)
RAL 5010 (Gentian Blue)
special colour *
Interior finish white
Windows/doors  2 doors

External connection 230 V / 32 A / 3-pin
500 W electric heater
1 ceiling lamp
exhaust fan

Interior (in 1 room) 1 toilet, 1 basin, mirror
*Portable cabins can be custom painted according to the RAL colour code.
Forklift gaps are located on the LONGER side of the WC container.

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